Curse of the Large Exploding Wallet

We’ve all seen it. The wallet the size of an elephant. Stacked to the brim with outdated convenience store free drink offers, credit cards you’ll never use, receipts from a department store from somewhere back in the 80′s, your wallet is a land mine waiting to explode. One of my all time favorite Seinfeld episodes is, “George’s Exploding Wallet.” It amplifies the curse all men face, in one of the funniest scenes ever. What kind of wallet to own? And, what to put in it? Some years back I determined to take a minimalistic approach to the things I carried with me. I realized that I could get by with, basically, my drivers license, a credit card, back-up credit card, a little bit of cash and not much else. It was amazing to see, not only, how little stuff I needed in my pockets, but also, how little I needed to clutter up my life. I began just going without a wallet. However, the problem was that I found it was too easy to accidentally loose a card and drop it or leave one card in my pants while taking the others out and quickly be in a hunt to find the missing card. It was evident that I needed a better solution. I knew I didn’t want to go back to my George Costanza days of an exploding wallet and aching back. But, what was the solution?

Fortunately, I met Isaac Childs of Rustico. He introduced me to the Rustico leather money clip. It was so discreet you could hardly notice it in your back or front pocket. It was stylish and rugged looking with a unique design. It measured only about 2.75″ x 4.75″. It has sleek machine stitching, an interior and exterior sleeve for holding up to 3 credit cards each and a subtle interior cash pin to keep my money secure. I got got a beautiful saddle colored money clip, but they come in black, dark brown, burgundy, and buckskin as well. Now, I had a solution that kept all my valuables safe, but with minimal wallet bulge. It took me a long time, but I finally beat the curse of the large exploding wallet. My back has never felt better.

- Tim White, Money Clip Enthusiast

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